A New Headstock!

I decided some months ago that it was time for me to design my own headstock. Having defaulted to the Torres/Hauser design, it was difficult to come up with something that didn't look wrong. I spent months looking at perhaps hundreds of headstocks for ideas and was surprised to find a few ideas in tombstones. I wanted something distinctive that wouldn't be seen as weird, and it couldn't be too difficult to produce. I discovered that there are distinct differences in headstock designs from different parts of the world. Those from Spain and France had the most influence on the end result.

While looking at other headstocks for ideas, I rejected most of them, not because they weren't attractive, but I couldn't see any of their elements incorporated into my own. Some I thought were garish, or too angular, too plain, too busy, too modern, on and on. The design I settled on is easily associated with Torres' headstock, though with a few additions. Seems those additions were influenced by Daniel Friedrich and Robert Bouchet. I must say I am rather pleased with it.

DSC08638       DSC08641